Day 23 of my Virtual Trunk Show

Bean Banners - Talk to Me After My Coffee featuring “Brew” by Deb Strain 2018.

Routine is very important during chaos to establish some normalcy and some measure of control over our own environment. As I write this, I am listening to the news and the latest Covid-19 numbers after having closed the windows up tight because of the smoke from the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. (I wrote this blurb in the summer) Thank you to my cup of coffee for keeping me sane! I started this project in the summer but then postponed the start of it because the company hosting my website was closing and I had two months to redo it on Shopify. I am really happy with the new site that became two sites, one for the US and one for Canada and the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter if you type in or because a geolocator app will take you to the right site. I can’t believe how much technology has improved from 2000 when I started my first internet store for my quilt shop.