Day 21 of my Virtual Trunk Show

Bean Banners - Coffee Delivery featuring “Brew” by Deb Strain 2018.

My obsession with coffee began in my twenties as a new lawyer in a big firm. Previously a tea drinker, I felt compelled to join the leagues of coffee drinkers so I would fit in. I started with Mochas, then lattes, then cappuccinos and now I am a three shot americano with a dash of cream (not milk). Needless to say when Deb designed this line, I was all over it. This is the first of three projects in my Bean Banners pattern. This one shows labelled crates of coffee beans topped with 4 cups of steaming coffee. Merry Christmas to me! (also shout out to Rae Dunn, the designer of my favorite coffee mug whose cups and canister are shown on the tray)